Jun 4, 2007

Countdown to iPhone: TV Ads, Release Date 6/29/07

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countdown_to_iphone.jpgAs we move through June, YISTA will be following all the salient details about Apple’s forthcoming iPhone up to and beyond its release. That release date, Apple revealed last night, is June 29th, just scraping by (as is Apple tradition) on the promised “June 2007? deadline announced by Steve Jobs at Macworld in January.

This news was released via Apple’s three new television ads for the iPhone which began airing nationally last night with a simultaneous update on Apple’s site. Abuzz with frenetic speculation, some sites have taken to a close analysis of the possibly new, hidden features the interface entails. Daring Fireball has the real idea here, noting that few devices are advertised on the merits of its user interface, which is the iPhone’s true killer app.

Of course, it’s the superlative user experience with Apple’s products that define them. The success of the iPhone will be predicated by the ability of the public to appreciate just how comprehensively better it works compared to every other smartphone and the realization that “things that work well” are worth the extra money. Take the third ad, “Calamari”. Most advanced phones offer all of these features, but not as easily, seamlessly, and pleasurably as this. A typical consumer will not use a phone’s cutting-edge features if he doesn’t understand how they work, so by making the iPhone easy and fun to use, Apple has made it effectively more useful than a phone with similar features but lesser design.



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